Express UK tour

2015 began with lots of great experiences, having rested properly after our short but packed 1st day of January 2015, we were ready for an adventure in a new city.

On the second January we headed to Berkhamsted to meet my cousin’s husband, we spent an incredible day sharing food and meditating at a Buddhist Monastery, what could be the odds to have such an experience? I don’t know, but it was fantastic! In the afternoon my friend Sharron picked us up, and drove us to Bicester Village for a bit of shopping, I know, quite opposite activities on the same day 🙂 but it was a good chance to get some presents for the family back in Peru.

Enjoying the view from the train
Happy people at the Monastery

Also quite a great opportunity to see a bit more of Berkhamsted, the town where Ashridge is located, the school I had chosen to study my MBA in September that year. We had a delicious dinner at the Thai Cottage, and coffee at Bills, both became later that year my favorite spots to eat and share a relaxing time laughing with my friends.


This is not just a safety sign, this is a mantra!

On the third of January we got up early and took the train to Liverpool, we saw and did all you can find in this post. It was fascinating to walk again the streets of this beautiful city, so mysterious during winter, but strangely exciting because of all the fans of The Beatles walking around, carrying bags of souvenirs, looking at their maps to find the next “must see spot” or simply enjoying a pint at the Cavern, it was again a blast! and Diana was really happy to be there, I may have ended that day tired for all the walking, but certainly satisfied for her expression of genuine joy.


The Docks
Gorgeous end of day in Liverpool
The Cavern

On the fourth of January we took another train, this time with destination: Edinburgh! As you may read in the previous post about Edinburgh, this is one of my all time favorite cities in the world. There is something about it I can’t stop loving, and every time I have a chance to go I feel like the happiest and luckiest person alive! What was different however, was that I had finally the chance to climb to the top of Holyrood hill, specifically Arthur’s Hill, which made me even happier, so much I couldn’t stop jumping! here some prove of that.

Can you tell I love to be on a train?


Me trying to figure out the way up
Tired but happy Diana!
Calton hill’s bright colours
Mind the wind man!
Stunning view over Edinburgh from Calton Hill

After two and a half incredible days enjoying Edinburgh it was time to head back to London, for that evening we had a special plan. After checking in in our hotel for the night, we dressed up and went to see the Lion King. I never revealed this before, but the film is one of my favorites, and I can not avoid crying every time Mufasa dies (by the way I am eagerly waiting to see the new version later this year :)).

That day before the theater, I met for drinks with an old friend from work who was based in England, that was the first time I went to Gordon’s Wine Bar, an absolute favorite, and a must if you go to London! that would be the first of many more times I visited this bar, the oldest wine bar in London, and a great spot whether it is winter or summer or anything in between, trust me 😉

After the musical, our evening had just began so we went to Covent Garden to drink some more wine, warm up and talk about the great experiences we had so far, it was a quite intense trip, traveling a lot, seeing a lot, laughing a lot, and taking some silly pictures, let me tell you I hadn’t been that happy in a long time!

I knew I was enjoying the moment with every little piece of my being because I only had sense of time whenever we needed to catch a train or a flight, the rest of days went by without stress, without caring of anything else than the next thing we wanted to see, or finding the next surprise during our random walks. Life seemed to flow easily not rushing, not too slow, just at a perfect pace, allowing enough time to enjoy and be aware of my feelings and emotions as each new day started.

What we do with our time is the biggest luxury we have, I was at that time redefining luxury in the sense of bringing pure joyful experiences into my life every possible second.


At that time I had already applied for a MBA programme at Ashridge, and was waiting for the results of the process, the acceptation letter was the goal of course, but at the same time I had received a quite interesting offer from my boss to stay in the company with exciting new responsibilities, more travel opportunities and a nice compensation package. So naturally at times the thought of it captured my head, but it wasn’t as strong as the happiness I experienced every morning, so I decided to leave the decision until the  last minute.

It was a cold morning on January 7th, we left the hotel before 5am, our next stop was Heathrow airport, we were about to start the most exciting leg of the trip, destination: Istanbul! certainly one of the most incredible places I’ve been to, ready to read about it? Here a sneak pic of what we first saw…




Stay tuned until the next post, in the meantime… Hasta pronto! See you soon! Auf Wiedersehen! A presto! Au revoir! Adeus!