About me

Entrepreneur l Trend Spotter l Travel Experience Designer l Strategist

Hi, I am Gabriela Moscoso Ch. from Cusco – Perú. I am a MBA graduate from Ashridge Business School in the UK, with wide experience in the luxury tourism, strategy & innovation consulting, and traveller by nature.

Tailor-made Wanderlust is a Travel Experience Design Lab, helping organizations and individuals create truly memorable travel experiences. It was incubated in Peru, born in England, and growing up one client at a time. Offering a unique combination of my expertise in the Luxury Tourism industry (9+ years), my consultant background in Strategy & Innovation (Projects in India, Peru, Greece and the UK), and my passion for traveling (20+ countries).

As a travel Experience Designer, I help businesses in the tourism industry to design their business strategy, new services and create engaging content around unique experiences. I am a lifelong-learner in the fields of AI, UX and Experience Design, which allows me to further help organizations to design innovative experiences for their clients.

Through my travel experiences I have acquired treasured knowledge about cultural diversity, and the value of effective communication by speaking their native languages, which encouraged me to be fluent in English, learn French, Italian and German.

My curiosity has taken me to travel solo for wonderful places in Perú and around the World. The friends I have met along the way turned those trips into incredible experiences, by guiding me to explore their cultures and learn from their languages, their food, their music and their history in a truly authentic way. All these experiences have enriched and empowered me to offer unique solutions for my clients.

My dream is to one day reach the top of Everest, ever since I met Rebecca Stephens, the first British woman to climb it, nearly four years ago. But before going for the big price, there are other destinations to be explored.

If you or your organization needs help to innovate their Value Proposal, Innovate your offer, or engage with your clients in a mora authentic way let’s talk.

If you need help crafting the trip of your dreams let’s make it real!

Cappadocia – Turkey 2015


PS.- When I am not designing experiences I work as Commercial Director for Muru Homely Hotel.