About me

Hi, I am Gabriela! I was born in Cusco – Perú. When I was little I dreamed of traveling around the world, to remote lands so different and far away from home, now I am fulfilling that dream.

My curiosity has taken me to travel solo for wonderful places in Perú and around the World. The friends I have met along the way turned those trips into incredible experiences, by guiding me to explore their cultures and learn from their languages, their food, their music and their history in a truly authentic way.

Tailor-made Wanderlust was born in my head two years ago, it perfectly describes my constant desire to travel and style of doing it. Tailor-made because as an independent and quite often solo traveller I design those trips according to my style. Wanderlust comes from the German words: Wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire).

Here I want to tell you stories about the marvelous cultural diversity I have found during each trip, how each experience has changed me in some ways, how my style of traveling has evolved over the years, and why hiking means now to me a meaningful way to connect with nature.

If you are looking for unique travel inspiration, then Tailor-made Wanderlust is for you. If you need help crafting the trip of your dreams let’s talk and make it real.

Open your senses  and you will discover true and long-lasting romance with this world. From sunsets that warm your soul, to mountains that take your breath away. Do you want to walk with me?

Cappadocia – Turkey 2015


PS.- When I am not traveling I work on my other half Woman Career a project made for women by women.