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5F8023FC-EDD0-46DB-B976-34901B422BF2Quite late this year (about end of July/beginning of August), I realized I had 3 weeks of vacation to take before the end of September, so I decided to make a trip to visit few countries in South America: Peru, Bolivia and Chile. These were at the top of my ‘places to visit’ list and honestly, I wanted to see and take the most from them, and my expectations were very high. The tricky part was that I had ‘only’ 3 weeks in total to spend, so it was not easy to decide how to split the time for each country and what ‘best places’ to see in them.

I have been extremely lucky because I know Gabriela. I met her few years ago during our Master course in UK and since then, we have been in good touch. Initially, my idea was to get in contact with her to meet each other again, and have some suggestions about Peru.

Actually, she eventually helped me to plan (almost entirely 🙂 and just in a few days) my trip, not only in Peru but also through the other 2 countries. Gabriela has revealed to be extremely knowledgeable about her land, its history and habits, and she showed her passion to help me to organize my trip from the beginning. She also came with me to Machu Picchu, planning every single aspect of the visit in accurate detail. Adding to the incredible landscape, that made my experience totally unique. 

I will continue thanking Gabriela for letting me feel Peru in its essence and helping to make my last trip an over the life lasting experience”.  Alessio M. – Italy, Sept. 2019